1984 (2019)

George Orwell’s classic dystopian nightmare about right-wing government gone mad and the persecution of the individual is as relevant now as it ever was. This modern adaptation of the novel is a must-see for anyone concerned about free speech, increasing surveillance, and the erosion of privacy.

Intensely, darkly entertaining, this version of 1984 features live-on-stage, renowned ABC TV presenter KERRY O’BRIEN as The Narrator. The Voice of Big Brother is provided by legendary 4th Doctor Who, TOM BAKER. Both are supported by a talented ensemble of Tasmanian-based actors, including Chris Rattray.

It’s a night out at the theatre you won’t forget in a hurry – except you might wish you could!

Adapted, Produced & Directed by Stephen Beckett.

Come and see renowned ABC TV presenter, Kerry O’Brien, live-on-stage as The Narrator.

Legendary 4th Doctor Who, Tom Baker, has recorded his ‘Voice of Big Brother’ lines exclusively for this production – come and ‘hear’ him.


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